Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friend Indeed

Whoa have I had a day! It is Thursday and I can honestly say that the honeymoon high has officially worn right off. I am so busy getting back into my routine it is ridiculous.

I thought I'd share delightful portion of my day! I went with Jenn to get her haircut at the Dustin David Salon in Los Gatos. And YES! we do see Mr. Dustin David himself. He is THE ABSOLUTE best hairdresser I've ever had. Dustin is to be credited with my current look. : ) Thank you ever so much Mr. David. If you feel you've never had particularly inspired hair it is worth a plane ride to Cali to get him to touch your lovely locks! You think I'm kidding but I am totally serious. It is thanks to Jenn that I've found my hair guru. I can not wait til my appt next week! You not only get a great hair cut but it is sheer entertainment from start to finish. I got my daily dose of laughter in bulk today! So much F U N!

How hot does Jenn look! M-E-O-W!

P.S. Happy Birthday DUSTIN! Hope dinner was delish!


Tammie said...

When you see him next week, tell him that you have a relative who washes her waist length hair with body wash that is not even labeled as an all in one to be used for hair. Perhaps if I had an inspired style...

lacy said...

Ohhh yeah you would love him. He'd transform you into a new woman! GIRLS weekend! I am thinking you should come out for a weekend and we'll get your hair done, so some silly movies and have some california fun!