Friday, August 22, 2008

Honey honey honeymoon! PART 2

So it's time for info on the actual honeymoon! We drove from Boca to Key West. The car rental place talked us into paying double for a convertible and this wast the view for MOST of the drive.

Once we got into Key West is was beautiful and had stopped raining! We took a boat over to the Sunset Key (the island our resort was on). Here's a view of the island.

They upgraded us since we were honeymooning so we had a two bedroom, three bath cottage that stepped right out into the beach! It was dreamy and the perfect setting for a honeymoon. It was also low season so we largely had the place to ourselves. Here's our cottage.

We pretty much started our day at the beach had a little beach lunchie poo and a few cocktails and then went to the pool and back to the beach again for sunset. It was the perfect honeymoon. Relaxation and time to truly enjoy each other without the noise of everyday life distracting things.


Tammie said...

What a beautiful sunset, and what a sweet little cottage! You shoud make going there a regular event. Perhaps every 5 or ten years. (Not every year because you want to go to new places together too.)

Mary said...

It definitely looks dreamy! Two dreamy "lobsters" enjoying the dreamy sunset. LOL

Kelly said...

That looks and sounds heavenly!!!