Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Honey honey honeymoon!

Ok ok ok, I've had lots of emails asking for the honeymoon details! Tee hee that cracks me up b/c the details I wanna give you are so not ok for a blog. ; )

First things first! American Airlines... ummm yeah not on my good list. The words delay, inconvenience and cancellation come to mind. We had to take two planes to get there and three to get home all with delays and one canceled that left us in Dallas on the way home at midnight with no luggage and they bussed us clear out to Westlake to a hotel. Ok so they say it is only 11 miles from DFW but-- people! on a bus from the airport it took a half hour. Yeah the flying part was hell but the stuff in the middle SO wonderful!

My fabulous Rachel and her hubby Nick met us at the airport in Dallas with CHICK FIL A (WOO WOO-- we don't have those in Cali) and some good Texas beer and my very fave raspberries and creme! We drank the beer in the parking garage like respectable hooligans! :) IT WAS SO WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU TWO and for Cliff to finally get to meet the fabulous Mr. Weeks! Thank you thank you!

We arrived in Ft Lauderdale and my cousin collected us. We spent 4 days in Boca visiting Derrick and Jaymi and then it was off to properly honeymoon in Key West for 6 days.

Derrick and Cliff and Jaymi went out scuba diving and caught these lobster! They had three of them but one evaded Cliff just as he was getting out of the water!

This is Chuckie. He might but cute but he is sort of mean and does not really like strangers or men. Derrick and Jaymi are very cute with him!
Derrick says, "Chuckie Nose" and Chuckie will press his nose on Derrick. Too cute!

There are these little creatures that run in the sand and you can see them just under the surface each time the waves head back out to sea...

they are sand fleas and they look like this
Boca Raton is serious about protecting the Sea Turtles. There are protected nests like this ALL over the beach! It is very cool. I can not wait until they hatch and make their way home to the ocean. What a site that would be! This nest had just been dug the night before!

Alright that is this mornings installment of honey honey honeymoon and we haven't even got to the honeymoon part yet... to be continued!

I took pictures with 3 different cameras depending on where we were going so I have a few to get developed still.

Off to the studio to work. Pre orders for the grocery bags went off with a bang! I have 4 already. Thank you SO much! I love this job, this life, this is all good stuff! Keep em coming please and thank you! Have a preggie journal in the works for today for Kristin .

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Mary said...

I miss that kiddo!!! I think that Chucky has gotten meaner since the move to Florida. Maybe it's a sign that my kid should come back home?? ;-)