Thursday, August 28, 2008

How you know it is Thursday

Round here the way you can tell it is Thursday is when you hear the leaf blowers right outside your window at the ripe hour of 7:45 am. You'd swear they've crawled into your brain and are blowing you right into crazy town. The thing is that one guy blows leaves or whatever all day long. They get here at 7:30, commence at 7:45 and don't leave until well after 2:30-3. What a way to earn a living. Landscapers are one of the many joys of being a part of an HOA. I swear they exist to make life just a wee bit more frustrating most of the time. In fact our HOA has done nothing but be a gigantic pain that gets rewarded with our money each month.

Ah well enough of that complaining stuff. Want to laugh? this. Love this read I had snot and tears. Hilarious!

Want to do some internet window shopping go here. Love this place. I've ordered from them a few times, they do fun gift wrap! I've been feeling very window shoppy these days. I put stuff in my cart and then never check out. It is sort of therapeutic and reminds me that I don't need (most of ) that stuff anyway.

And this is where I am off to get my haircut.

A good makeup day is a rare gen and worthy of posting!

So remember the ELF posting that was only half true? Yes their makeup is $1 but no it's not cause Nordstrom or anyone else bought them out. It is just a buck usually. I ordered a bunch of fun stuff and here's the conclusion so far!

Love it:
Plumping Lip Glaze
Bronzer in Luminance (that is what I am wearing here)

Pretty good:
The eyeshadow has lots of pigment and they go on really true to color. They do tend to wear off through the day so use a good base to help them stick. I like the custom eyes. You get a case that you can pick your own colors for.

Eh, save your buck:
The powder looks really "chunky" on me. I feel like it puddles in my pores instead of making them look smaller like I feel a good powder should. It would be best on really young faces who don't have to worry about pores. : )

This has been Lacy's makeup review. Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel to see what she will take on next!


Kelly said...

You look awesome girl! I've heard of that makeup but have never tried it.

I got my jotter yesterday---it is so cute! Thank you!!

Marizee said...

You look so beautiful sis! You've always been the makeup guru. :)

And I can attest to the misery of waking up to the lawn men...especially when your window is OPEN because of this little thing called a lack of California air conditioners! LOL!!