Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ode to Camelot Revealed!

Mema always taught me to pick one fabulous piece of furniture per room and build from there. I've always done that and as result my home is starting to fill up with meaningful pieces. These two pieces are amazing. They are OLD and I am certain they hold stories deep in the carved wood. I am amazed as I sit here to type this now. I am looking at the cabinet and hutch. It is by far the most intricate, detailed piece of art we have in our home. It sort of makes my beloved Crate and Barrel furniture look silly. I wonder about the people who made this piece of furniture. It is literally an original and I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around that. It is not a copy or a really good is ORIGINAL. We learned that it was made at or around 1850 so that would make it 19th century.

As is the case with most things we do there is always a story. We went to pick up the PICK UP truck we'd reserved and they had given it away. We were 30 minutes past our scheduled pick up time so they just gave it away. Ummm- yeah no phone call, no offer to give us an alternate vehicle... nothing but a smug punk ass kid across the counter with zero manners. Where has customer service gone, really? Sooooo, we drove around town and found a 24 ft truck. We could have moved the entire house (well at least the downstairs). Ah well we got our goodies home and that is what matters.
Here is where our new furniture used to live. Needless to say they will be a touch more cozy in our home.

We are amazed the more we look at them how ornate and intricate they are. I absolutely love this piece. I commands your attention and now commands our dining room!

And this of course is why we call them our Camelot furniture! There are little dudes all over it! We intend to name them asap. Of course we will have Arthur and Lancelot in there somewhere for good measure. Our little kingdom is coming together now that I've got my round table and Arthur is living in the living room. : )

This is the table in Bonnie and Alan's home (actually they were both in Alan's home office before). It looks SO much bigger in our living room!


Mary said...

They are gorgeous!!! You should be proud of them. Forget the future kiddos arguing over them, go ahead and put Aunt Mary in the will for both. Seriously, very nice picks!!!

Tammie said...

What a great eye you guys have! I just wish I had a little bit of your talent in that area. (You have to name one of the sentinel type guys on the corners Sir Gawain.)

Marizee said...

Don't forget about Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein from A Knight's Tale! :)