Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ode to Camelot!

I am so excited! Today we are getting a new piece of furniture, well two actually. They are 18th century antiques. Wood carved. Fabulous! They will become our family heirlooms and I fully expect the kiddos to argue over who gets what piece one day far far away. Tee hee! I will post pictures of them once we get em home. We call them our Camelot furniture and you will see why in a few short hours!

Hope your Saturday is full of Sunshine!

A note to my drawing winners!

Kristin-- your new preggy journal is super cute and packed with all your Trader Joe goodies and
jotter and ready for post on Monday! I will be sending it Priority mail so I expect you'll have it before the end of next week. : )

Kelly & Wendy, I have your jotters ready to fly home to you on Monday too! I hope that you all love them. It's been a fun week of creating.

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