Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Success Story and Support

I was reading my Aunt Mary's post today and it moved me to celebrate a gal I know who not only knows what she wants in life but is going after it full force, full time. Leigh Ann at Freckled Nest.

LA is a fellow creative and just recently quit her job and started doing FN full time! I know what kind of bravery it takes to leave the paycheck and depend of the work of your heart and hands to pay the bills so LA I celebrate you! Can you see me jumping up and down, throwing confetti in the air and cheering?

I've just purchased two little beauties in celebration and support of LA and purely because I had to have them! The notebook will be for me (I've already used up 3 lacylike journals this year so I thought I'd support LA and use her notebook for Q4 this year! I am so excited to get it! The album will grow up into a gift for Derrick and Jaymi with pictures of our visit to Florida this year! I will post picts of it when it's all done.

And just one more note... if you have an etsy store you know how LONG it takes to post and fill up your store with goodies. It is so rewarding to see your items fly off the "shelf" after all that time loading, clicking, waiting, loading and waiting some more!

Will you help me celebrate and support LA today by selecting a beauty for yourself or someone else from her etsy store?

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Freckled Nest said...

awwww, lacy! you are so incredible! thank you for totally making my day!! ! love you!!