Monday, September 1, 2008


Do you get the Oprah Magazine? Go and grab yours right now if you do! September issue, 2008 on page 180! Bottom right in bright pink attached to the ipod... is that? OMG YES IT IS!

So yesterday I was thumbing through my O mag. It is my routine to rip out the pages of stuff I like, want to buy one day for myself or someone else or words that inspire to use in my creations. I work from back to front so it was not long til I got to page 180. The picture made me do a double take. The title of the page is TECH TOYS and there sammiched (you have to say it like that sam-mitch-d) between a fancy camera and an even fancier blue tooth is a vibrator that you connect to your ipod! HELLO OPRAH! I burst into hysterical laughter and had to read it out loud just to be sure I was seeing that right... yeap I was right and it 'pulses in sync with the tune you're hearing.' Talk about multi tasking!

Our friends Maggie and Mike came over last night and I just had to show Maggie! Guess what all her girl friends will be getting for their birthdays this year! ; ) You can find it here.

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Tammie said...

I am trying to decide what songs one would select for this playlist... It warrants careful consideration. The playlist title would obviously be "Good Vibrations"