Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 things I've learned on my scooter!

1. You can take a photo with your phone at a stoplight and still hold steady. : )

2. It's the best feeling when a big burly Harley riding dude gives you a little wave of acknowledgment for being a fellow two wheeler.

3. Life is more fun with a wicker basket. It just is. Now if only the Ned would like to hop in and take a ride, that would be the ultimate!

4. If you need to get out of your head and practice presence for a while take yoga OR ride a scooter!

5. When smiling it is best to keep your teeth touching so as not to invite a crunchy winged creature into your mouth. Trust me.

6. Construction workers really do cat calls.

7. It is actually hard to be in a bad mood on a scooter.

8. I get why dogs stick their head out the window. There is nothing better than the breeze on your face! It feels like freedom, snow cones, wriggling your toes in cold grass and summertime!

9. It is the coolest feeling to fill up the tank for $3 or less and then not have to bother for ohhh a month or more.

10. For as long as I can remember I wanted a scooter. I've always been a dreamer but there was a time when I stopped dreaming, forgot how and just worked hard to breathe in and out and survive. When Cliff and I got together he taught me how to dream again and this scooter was one of the first big dreams that we made come true together. So the biggest thing I've learned on my scooter is that dreaming is a must and the coolest things happen when you work towards making them come true and living your best life!

Ride on! Dream on!


Mary said...

Amen, Sister (or rather Niece)! I say "hear hear" to #4 and I think it was #8. Riding a two-wheeled vehicle does force you to be in the moment and there is NOTHING like the feeling of the wind blowing in your hair. And, isn't it fun to ride down the street and actually smell the smells lingering in the world?? Ok.. so maybe some smells aren't so fun..but you have to admit that you catch whiffs of restaurant cooking or even just the outdoors that are delightful sometimes.

Jennifer said...

This is so cute. I dream that a turqouise & creme vespa is in my future :)

Kier's Serendipity said...

You always make me smile!

RachelDenbow said...

I didn't know you had a scooter! Now you're even more special!!

Brett reads Vespa message boards a lot and said a lot of people agree about not being able to be in a bad mood when you're riding!