Monday, July 13, 2009

The Chinese Calendar Say...

Aunt Mary and I were revisiting the Business of Being Born and baby making conversation this past weekend and ended up online looking up online if I'd have a boy or a girl.

Sooo... This was by far one of those you had to be there moments but we checked out the calendar without first checking out my actual Chinese age which sent me right into a whirl.

My actual age is 30 but my Chinese age is 32 which waaaaay changes the girl/ boy results! I know without a doubt that I am supposed to have a girl. I just know it and when we look at the calendar it was practically boy across the board.

Lacy: Baaaaaa-beeee I need you, I think that Aunt Mary has just single handedly ruined your chances of being a parent.

Cliff (laughing and walking towards the couch, he can already see he needs to sit down for this one): Ok lay it on me!

Lacy: This chart says that we are going to have a boy (I stick my lip out as far as humanly possible).

Cliff: I like boys.

Lacy: Yeah but I'm supposed to have a girl. I know it and Tammie knows it and Jen knows it. My people have told me it's a girl and now this stupid gazillion year old chart says it is a boy and if you read between the lines it also says I will surely go crazy and be a horrible mother.

Cliff: (He is getting pretty good at these reassurances). You're not going to go crazy, everyone worries about being a good parent, you'll be fine, I love you, you weirdo.

Aunt Mary is meanwhile sitting in the chair laughing at every turn.
It's about now that I realize that my age is not my Chinese age and that changes everything! So now we are at 50/50 girl or boy and those odds are much easier for me to swallow. Oh but wait... aren't those usually the odds anyway? Hmm supposing I didn't need a calendar after all? Oh bother!

Save yourself a little trouble and first find out your Chinese age!
Now you may proceed to the calendar here.

Happy practice baby making!

*FINE PRINT: I am still on the no baby pill. We are not trying to get pregnant at the moment but the conversations are escalating and we might have our very own Truman Show via my blog at some point. LOL No not really but I will keep you updated my people!

PS-- Lots to tell you about this week... coming soon: Weekend picts, advertising to be able to eat, my first acupuncture appt, yoga still in progress... and whatever else the wind blows my way!


Tammie said...
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Tammie said...

Well, looking back on my boys and my age according to the Chinese calendar at when they were born... one of them should have been a girl. (The one that embarrassed me at church when he was a toddler by pinning little girls to the wall so he could kiss them, the brute.) So much for the accuracy of the Chinese calendar.

RachelDenbow said...

I had to reread this because I thought I had missed the news!

Watching the Business of Being Born as I type!

Thanks, Netflix!

c-rock said...

Hmmm...Looks like I will have to get knocked up by this August (next month!!) or next July if I want to have a girl before I'm 35!!! And if I had waited a month before conceiving either of my boys, I could of had girls! This was using my actual age. Aw shucks. I love my boys anyway. They're a never-ending source of comic relief! As much as they drive me batty,I wouldn't want it any other way!

Soooo...which months were you looking at conceiving, eh?!

c-rock said...

Okay, so the same is true using my Chinese age. And, I was looking at either July or August so I can have the baby before school's out and be off work for the summer!

I will have to check out that flick. Dooce rocks!