Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So lately in our house we've been having inky conversations. We being me, Cliff, Kallie and Emily. I think it all started after I saw Elsie's blog about it here. One day last week we are all sitting out on the patio talking and I ask Cliff what kind of tattoo he'd get if he was going to have one (or more). Without missing a beat he says, "Flames- on my shoulder going up my neck." He didn't even crack a smile, he was totally serious and we all burst into hysterical laughter. If he wanted flames on his neck I'd be fine with that but it was the first I'd heard of it so it was one of those really funny situations.

My siblings all have tattoos but none here. I just don't have any sign, symbol, word or image I want on my bod for all time. I see the beauty, artistry and self expression via tattoos but so far they aren't for me. The closest I've come so far is a henna tattoo which I totally loved and I think it would be a great way to test run a design.

My little sis Kayla and my little bro Cody have the same tattoos.

Emily just got something sparkly added to her bod.

And Kallie has a memorial for her step mom who passed away from cancer a while back behind her ear.

Do you have a tattoo or many? What would you get?

ps- today was day 14 in a row of yoga! We made it to the half way marker! yay yay yay!


jari spry said...

oh i wants lots and lots of inks! i'm going to start working on my half sleeve!
first design... rainbow raindrops on the front of my shoulder and down.. and maybe a cupcake on the inner bicep. youch! and some of elsie's designs of course! so when i'm old and saggy it'll look like a big rainbow on my arm! yay! (but my goal would of course be to stay in somewhat shape.... would be a good reason too! ha!)

c-rock said...

I'm with you: I don't have anything that means so much that I would want it permanently etched into my milky white, petal soft skin. I'm also a naturalist when it comes to my body and beauty. I don't wear a ton of make-up on a regular basis (although it is fun to play on occasion) and have no desire (at this point in time) for any cosmetic procedures that would alter my physique. I'm learning to be happy with what the good Lord gave me. :)

Tammie said...

I, too, cannot think of anything that I want to permantly put on my body, but I have had temporary designs. (I have been known to wish they would fade faster too.) All I have is one extra hole in my right ear. Cartilage piercing hurts MUCH more than your ear lobe! I think I would rather have another 9+lb baby than do that again. No tattoos for me.