Friday, July 24, 2009

My mom is a STRONG WOMAN!

My mom won the STRONG WOMAN contest at her gym! I am seriously so proud!

She had to compete in the following categories:

Tire flipping (you know the gigantic tractor ones-- when it is standing up it is as tall as my mom!)!

Conan (as is the barbarian)... metal heavy steel thing and walk in a circle with a basket with weights in it.

Kegs with beer in it that you had to carry around (which I find really ironic in a gym)... 150 pounds!

Truck pull--- seriously you guys she pulled the 18 wheeler 100 feet like those guys on TV!

There was someone there taking pictures so mom is going to try and get a few so that I can show you! Eeeeee! I am so proud!

Happy Strong Woman Friday!


katy said...

Holy freaking cow - that is amazing. I'm not even strong enough to watch someone else do those things.

Tammie said...

Wow! I think I pulled something reading that. Kudos to your Mom!

Mary said...

I could have told you that she is a Strong Woman..but not from pushing and pulling huge objects...she raised you, Kayla, Cody, and Kallie...hehehe

I am proud of her, too!

Marizee said...

First she wins a destruction derby and now the strongest woman?! You're amazing mom!!! I wish I knew you could lift kegs; that would have come in handy in college. ;)