Friday, August 7, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

on this Friday!

This post
at Elise's blog is filled with a delish scavenger hunt of sorts to new blogs with amazing fun and frilly ideas! How I love frilly things! I especially loved this one. Click on Anthropologie in the right bar you will be so glad you did!

Family night last night sent us into a day dream about what it would be like not to have to work and get to wake up each morning and decide what we would do with the day! What would you do if that was your life? I'm talking on the modest end of not having to work... not like you wake up and you are a heiress. You know the kind of not having to work that would prompt you to plant a ridiculous amount of fruits and veggies in your back yard that you'd actually feed your family!

We've been watching this show and I'd love to have the character Jill's wardrobe! She's got dark hair and porcelain skin and I am certain I could rock her clothes. It is so hard to find the jewel tones in great cuts and styles and she has a whole closet of them! Who's closet would you shop in if you could?

If you've not read it yet Kayla's blog about The Bitch in the House is a must read! She's funny that one!

My little brother is going to Hawaii for school and I am beyond excited to accompany him and my mamma to get him settled into his new college life at the beginning of September. Someone once said that Happiness Is Having Something To Look Forward To and I have to agree. I am happy.

Alright that does it for me... off to eat my morning Oatmeal.

Happy Friday!


Mary said...

You get to go with your mom and Cody? How exciting!!!

Kier's Serendipity said...

You posed two quesitons. What would I do with my life if I didn't have to work? Well, for starters, I would wake up slowly each day and read anything I wanted--a newspaper, a book, a facebook, whatever. Then the rest would be which ever way the wind blows but I hope there would be travelling and fabulous clothes involved.

Whose closet would I shop in if I could? Let's do a dead or alive. Dead--Coco Chanel, enough said. Alive--Katie Holmes, she has my classic style.

Marizee said...

You, my dear sis, are quite often my something to look forward to. It makes me so thankful for my quarterly work trips!

Oh, and a life with no job and ample means? EASY! Sleep until I wake up, sip a fruit smoothie, lay in the hammock and read to awaken my mind, drink some hot green mint tea, meditate and go to yoga, write some on my novel, run to the store to pick up fresh food to cook for din-din, take a walk or sit on the patio with brian mid-afternoon, write a little more while he cooks, enjoy each others company over dinner while sipping a glass of red wine, read some more and if inspired stay up as long as my heart, mind and hands will write. I'll skip the part about my and brian's private time, but you get the point! Sounds good huh?