Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My face smells like Fruity Pebbles

My face guru Jennifer has me using True mineral makeup (love it). My skin is dry so I use this mineral mist with the loose powder to soften the look. I love how it smells! The description says ylang-ylang, lavender and orange but I just smell Saturday mornings with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and cartoons laying on the floor with Kayla!

It's cool when your face makes you happy. I love that happy little head! tee hee That's a movie reference from Madagascar 2. If you've not seen it do yourself a giggle worthy favor and watch it right away! Basset Hound!

You know that has me thinking... wonder what I am pretty ahhh-mazing at and will make my living at? Professional whistler? Hmmm- maybe no. Do you know? What is it? Tell me! What is it?? What is it? Please tell me!

Have a most marvelous Tuesday! Hope this finds you whistling in your happy little head!


Miss Wanderlust said...

you are amazing at cracking me up :) And being awesome, and a rockstar, and inspiring people, and decorating, and creating....hmmmm EVERYTHING!!
love you girl

Mary said...

You are a BIG goofball!!!!

jarispry said...

hi looooove!

can you believe i'm behind on 19 of your posts?!?! that's BAD! slap jari!
i miss you!!! i'll be keeping up more often!
that's what i love about fall... back to school = back to routine! yay!

Kier's Serendipity said...

You are good at being you...but mostly, I think you are excellent at decorating and making things pretty--just like you!

Marizee said...

Invade a neighboring country and force your own ideology on them whether they want it or not...basset hound.

I'm seriously giggling the whole time I'm writing this.

I'm a lady!! I'm a lady!! How many of you were attracted to me?

Surprise freaks I'm coming with you!

It's nothing personal. It's just that I'm better than you. Whatever happened to the separation of the classes?

Oh king julien...