Friday, August 21, 2009


Happy Friday! I thought I'd share some recent on-line goodies that caught my eye and also solicit your advice on a few items.

Linens are pretty much my favorite thing ever. I could have hundreds of blankets and great sheet sets if I had the closet space. I'm not sure where that comes from? I just like to feel cozy and have soft things. Great sheets just can't be beat! I found this and want pretty much one of each! They'd go perfectly in our bedroom!

Toms has a new wrap boot that is super interesting. Does anyone have a pair?

I want to do a living room make over sooo bad! All our furniture is dark wood and our couch is tan so luckily we are working from a pretty blank slate. When Rachel was here we visited the paint store and she picked out the most beautiful teal for my accent wall. Aaaand since my love wants a yellow stairwell we are going to extend the yellow color onto one wall in the living room too. The stairwell is actually already yellow but it's a little too custard for my taste and Rachel picked out the best creamy little hint of yellow so it will be getting re painted at some point.

I keep saying yellow in my head and now it sounds really strange. YELLoooooW. LOL

So I will have one teal wall and one yellow wall and the rest is a khaki color. Then I will add teal pillows, recover a chair in a yellow print and perhaps an orange rug?

Textiles... I've been looking for some great fabric spots on line. Anyone know any great places? I want to get something for that chair and then a little extra for a few throw pillows.

Also I am looking for a graphic rug- think big print like this
but in an orange. I am still trying to find just the right thing for our living room. The rug we have down now is all stretched out and buckling and it drives me CrAzY! Any one have any ideas?

Thanks for all your help and suggestions! They are much appreciated!

Happy Friday all!


Kier's Serendipity said...

Okay, so you have missed your calling in life: interior design. I am so jealous and wish I had your gift!

Mary said...

LOL - Kier her true calling is Miss Prima Dona with Pedicures and Back Rubs...LOL - But, I guess interior desing will have to come in second.

(Kidding, Lacy...kidding..just a little pokey fun)

Jennifer said...

ok so a while back, like months ago, I saw a girl wearing Tom's wrap up boots in target and a cloud of jealousy hit me.

I won't lie, I think about them often...they are so darn expensive though! lol!