Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never


-covered in cat hair and I don't mind at all
-take my vitamins
-wash my face before bed
-take long arm photos (but you already knew that)
-seriously value meaningful relationships
-lacylike, being me is the easiest thing I do
-game for a laugh


-escape to the beach when my spirit needs a recharge
-dream about the day when we will have a beach house
-snort when I laugh
-make up silly songs especially on road trips
-worry too much about finances
-procrastinate on cleaning my bathroom
-see the world as potential photos


-drink anything with caffeine except Green Tea (caffeine makes me crazy)
-eat seafood
-watch horror movies
-play video games (almost never, it's not my thing)
-curse my curly hair, I love it
-say I hate you
-take breathing for granted

What do you always, sometimes, never?

Inspired by this gal.


Marizee said...

I was posting my always, sometimes, never but I'm stumped.

I think it's just exhaustion disguised as confusion.

But either way I enjoyed yours and will try to muster up mine.

BTW, need to catch up with ya...crazy work news. Annnnd this weekend is Josh and Natalie's wedding...crazy huh?

Mary said...

I haven't been able to come up with much either. But, I did want to tell you that you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Marizee said...

P.S. I ADORE that photo of you. Simply gorgeous...