Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conversations with the homeless.

Setting: Hawaii, in the pool.

Mom and I are leaning over the edge looking out at the turtle surfacing in the ocean when a man walks by.

He is clearly disheveled, homeless or prefers not to shower in some rebellion against hygiene.

Man: Making eye contact and staring far too long to be comfortable says
You have beautiful teeth.

Lacy: Thank you.

Mom: Half laughing
Well we did pay good money for those straight teeth.

Man: Walking off and looking over his shoulder (I'd swear he was slurring a bit)
I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I offended you.

Lacy: You didn't.

Man: With new confidence turns back around and says
Would you like to go to dinner with me?

Lacy: No.

Man: Looking very confused
Why not?

Lacy: Thinking about a million and one reasons why I would not like to go to dinner with this man instead I kindly reply with the obvious answer
I'm married.

Man: Leaving again and looking over his shoulder
I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I offended you.


Lady in the pool next to us:
You do have very nice teeth.

Mom: giggling

Moral of the story is...
Didn't you mom teach you not to talk to strangers? Maybe next time, don't.


Tammie said...

While Mom taught us not to talk to strangers, she also taught us to be polite. And sometimes our first instinct is to be kind.

Mary said...

No harm done. Perhaps, that simple conversation made his day. You could have been the only person that was nice to him all day.