Friday, November 6, 2009

For the love of lists!

A long while ago I asked my good friend Jenn to put together a list of beauty must haves. She's my skin guru. I love calling her that and it's way easier to spell than esthetician (I am not even sure if that is spelled correctly). So see, skin guru it is! My orig plan was to use the list to put together goodie bags to sell around the holiday with some handmade totes I was working on. That idea went out the window for practical financial reasons but I still LOVE the list and wanted to share it with you!

Actually I love lists of all kinds. I make them for everything and it's a common practice to write a few things on my to do list that I've already done just so that I start the day feeling accomplished! Are you a list maker extraordinaire too?

Here is Jenn's list of must have beauty items with her notes and a few of my notes to go along with it. Enjoy!

Ivory body wash
~ basic, clean and hydrating

Supracor bath mitt
~ that honeycomb mesh works wonders on the skin!

This is just like my fave flip flops! I don't have a bath mitt yet but it's on my wants wish list. Ohhh that's another list I love to make! I always clip things from magazines and do a little mini book of things I want and then I hand it over to Cliff each year around my birthday. That way if anyone asks he can flip through and find something in their price point. I like to be prepared tee hee.

Johnsons Baby Soap
~ I use for my hand soap and in the shower, it's good for anything and so cheap! Actually the Target brand is $1.97 for the big size!

BTW what's up with the new Target brand stuff. Up and Up? What a silly name. Are they trying to say that their products are on the up and up? I guess that's kinda cute. I donno, what do you think?

Johnsons baby lotion
~ when I actually use body lotion I use this, it smells so good and isn't heavy

Aquaphor Skin Ointment
~ THE BEST LIP BALM EVER!!! Also good for dry skin anywhere

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion
~ got rid of the eczema on my hands

True Mineral make-up
~ the best minerals, super fine,plus antioxidants!!

You should click that link... it has the happy little head and it's always worth another viewing. I'm gonna watch it now! RISE UP! Oh noooo it was removed for violation! Here let me find another... we all need a good laugh. I can't find one. Pout! Ah well how about this... this always does for a good laugh too. Dennis Quaid is here! Are you loving the play by play? LOL

CoverGirl clear mascara
~ keeps those brows in place!

Marilyn hair brush
~ Dustin's fav and mine for blowing hair out, especially good for bangs

Want to know a secret? Well it's not a secret but it's an interesting little something to know... I don't own a brush. Nope, not one. There's not a brush to be found in our house. Can't brush curls so why own one. Makes sense to me.

Nars Blush in Orgasm
~ the most all around, any skin tone blush ever ;)

Stila lip gloss in Starfruit
~ as you know, everyone should own a $22 lipgloss!

The first time that Jenn took me makeup shopping she said that I had to get this lip gloss. I picked it up and was like OMG $22 for lipgloss and she was like Yeap- get it, it's worth it and I did and it is. The end.

Hope your day is happy! xo Lacy


Kier's Serendipity said...

I love the Johnson's lavendar baby lotion. For the rest of my life, I will always associate that smell with my baby girl.

book*addict said...

I use so many different types of lotions. I can never pick one. But I am loving Burt's bees body butter. It's delicious and it sorta melts into your skin. My S loves it. More so than the Johnson's baby lotion.
Thanks for the share. I might actually try to stock up on your list. OR I think I'll steal your idea and gift basket the list for my mom.

Smoochgirl said...

I'm surprised you don't use a brush! I have your hair, although much shorter, but I HAVE to brush it, after I wash it, or it becomes a huge mess! Of course, I use a vent brush. Do you comb yours?

The baby products are very popular, but be ware: there's been much controversy over carcinogenic chemicals contained in them. Yup, that's right, CARCINOGENIC. In BABY products. Check out these links:

They say there's not enough to cause harm, but if enough products contain these and are used regularly, it can be harmful. I don't know about you, but I'll pass. Burt's Bees lotion is the best! I love the sweet smell, and in spite of the $10 price tag, I always splurged on Ethan when he was a baby. It made him smell scrumptious! Plus, a little bit goes a long way, so the bottle would last several months.

The Environmental Working group has a site called "Skin Deep" where you can search for your cosmetics and toiletries and it will give you a safety rating depending on how toxic they are. Check it out:

Smoochgirl said...

BTW, I'm obsessed with lists and used to be so OC that I would color-code my grocery lists to correspond with the department (ex: green= produce, brown= grains, etc.) My multi-color pen broke and I haven't been able to find a replacement! :(

I do like your list (or your skin guru's list) for basic beauty products and love the gift basket idea. It's so practical, but who wouldn't love it?!