Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello Wednesday! It's no doubt that by now I've had a few break downs and break throughs at the yoga intensive! I might be seriously reconsidering why I thought this was a good idea or maybe I've hit my stride and will be arriving back home in two days to announce to Cliff that we have to move into the wilderness, grow our own food and live on love. LOL At any rate I suspect the world will keep turning!

So was doing a little perusing on Vanity Fair photos and found these photos! Modern day celebs in remakes from classic Hitchcock stills! I find photographs so inspiring and these are stunning! The last one of Charlize Theron is my favorite.

I would absolutely love to do a classic photo shoot like this!
Wouldn't you!?

Hope your week is going well!

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Tammie said...

Have you ever seen the photos where a famous makeup artist made current movie stars look like classic film stars? I wish I could remember who the artist was. The photos were incredible, and you could not tell who the current star was when he was done making them up! (Dalimura is my security word. It sounds like some trendy made-up girl's name.)