Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shiny Penny

Dear Shiny New Penny,

I received three of you today and made an audible squeal when the cashier placed you in my hand. He didn't appreciate your beauty like I did. With total delight I tucked you safely into my wallet. I had the opportunity to use you a few minutes later and decided to give them a nickel instead. I'm sorry that you don't get the greatest wrap but today I really appreciate you. You reminded me that the beauty of life is in the details even the ones that don't seem like they are worth much.

With love,


Miss Wanderlust said...

this post makes me so happy :) I love finding beauty in the smallest little magical things. you are awesome!

Marizee said...

Here's to having 10 billion shiny pennies one day! I guarantee I would appreciate every single one. ;)

Leigh-Ann said...

I love this post Lace!

Rose T said...

i looove your writing style! taking pleasure in the littlest things! <3