Thursday, February 4, 2010


We watched WHIP IT and found my new favorite movie quote!

We deserve better villians.

I've already added it to my list of faves.

First of all if you've not seen it, DO!
Second of all Cliff liked it too! SCORE!
Third of all here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure!

p.s. the pool scene is hot and the lost key scene made us want to play MORE! We are going to find a field and throw something into it immediately.


katy said...

Just added it on Netflix. Looks like something I will love and then watch 10x in a row.

KT said...

I love love love LOVED that movie!!!! I went opening night and got a free whip it tshirt. Oh yeah, be green with envy! lol.....
I loved the music and the dialogue and the "moral" of the story.

Mary said...

???? Never heard of it. It's better than "Up in the Air", right? LOL wink, wink

Marizee said...

Fourth reason to love it?! Filmed in the ATX!! That's right - Austin, TX!! And based on our very own roller girls. Can't wait to see it. We had lots of Drew sightings around town when it was being filmed.