Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yoga Recents

I've been working on my arm balances!
When I did the photo shoot with Nadia I realized that I really only know how to do crow and side crow and arm balances are so cool looking for taking pictures so I have started learning!
This was my first time really being taught and practicing and I was able to do them all, not perfectly mind you but I did em!

One day I will get my arms and legs straight on this one but honestly I was just really impressed I could get my bum off the floor!

And this one is my new fave! Legs almost straight here...

and voila!

Yay for yoga friends!
Meredith, Jennifer, me and Nadia

and yay for taking self portraits again! I love that you can see my reflection in the floor.
Hoping that today finds you balanced and smiling!

oooooh and check out my
interview and feature over at Freckled Nest today!


katy said...

Good golly, those are cool poses. You wouldn't want to see me try that. ;)

Kier's Serendipity said...

Oh my...and you look so like Kayla in your self picture.

mle jean said...

arm balances are so liberating. my goal is learn how to get better at them soon :)

chelseybell. said...

hey lacy! i received some mail from you WAAAYYYY back in the fall from lovebombers, and I never got around to commenting or emailing and saying thank you! it was totally unexpected and really made my day! sorry i never thanked you before--life gets crazy!

love the blog!

Marizee said...

You are super strong sister. I tried one of those crazy poses while I was here all alone in your house today with your fur faced kids and nearly broke my face. My arms = not so strong yet. tee hee.

YAY! Road trip!!!!!!!!!!! (I talked to Bryan's on!)

Chad Kibbe said...

omg. that is amazing. i need to start doing yoga in the worst way.