Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice was

pure magic!

We saw it in Imax 3D and it was really cool but I'm certain it would be just as magical without the 3D action. It was an inspirational feast for your eyes and one of those that you talk about and relive long after you've left the theater.

images here

I love that the movie celebrates that being odd is not only o.k. but preferred.
Why wouldn't you paint white roses red or eat cake that makes you grow!?

The sense of empowerment and vision is enough to make us all want to jump down the rabbit hole! The journey for Alice brought her into herself and she emerged with a strong voice and direction. Seeing the movie made me feel proud of my journey and odd "muchness."

Have a most marvelously magical Monday!


libraryguyzack said...

I am so glad to see that someone else liked this movie. The wife and I saw it Friday and both of us loved it.

Marizee said...

I can't wait to see this!!! We were planning to go this weekend, but couldn't quite squeeze it in. Hopefully it's on the agenda for this weekend.

KT said...

I haven't seen this version yet, but I DO love Alice in Wonderland (books and all). I love that she's different and was motivated by the characters in Wonderland to continue being different. I just wish the real world would appreciate it just the same.

Mary said...

Yep! Definitely going to see it when we return.

Are those the 3D glasses the theatre gave you????

snikkin said...

Those aren't 3D glasses. They're snorkel masks LOL Would it be scary for the kiddos?

Lace said...

I thought it was great too! Except for one thing... THE DANCE. Oh my goodness, I couldn't control my laughter! It was so awkward to me. It just didn't seem like it belonged for some reason! What did you think of it?