Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fulfill: From the supermarket to the farmers market.

My word of the year this year is Fulfill.

I've been really focused on bringing good things into actuality and so far this has been my most productive word of the year. I've definitely had fun ushering it all into being!

When I started school at Integrative Nutrition I knew it would change me beyond what I could measure in my mind and I was spot on. On our sister trip Kayla and I watched Food Inc. for the first time and I keep replaying our conversation in my mind. NOW that we know better we have to DO better! It's not one of those documentaries that you watch and then go about your 'normal' life.

So part of fulfill, doing my part for supporting local and supporting our health is going from the supermarket to the farmers market for produce! Sunday marked our 1st weekly trip!

Another pro for going to the farmers market is that you have to use real money! What a concept! It's my favorite thing ever not to have to re live a purchase later reconciling my check book or credit card. Down with the credit card companies (can you tell I learned some plastic lessons the hard way)!

Everything is so beautiful!

I was so comfy in this sweater and then I see the picture. Umm frumpy mcFumperson! Don't worry Jenn it's already in my craft room ready to grow up to become something else I can't believe it's been over a year since our first What Not to Wear!

This little strawberry plant came home with us :)

Part of healthy eating is eating with the seasons. Nowadays it's so hard to know what's actually in season when you are in the supermarket. At the farmers market if it's not there it's probably not in season!

We had 40 bucks to spend and we spent every last dime. Our splurge was on local honey for $8 and eggs from very happy chickensfor $8. I know! $8 bucks for eggs, I just kept saying it over and over again but I have to tell you they are the best eggs I've ever had!

It was a perfectly perfect California day, not a cloud in the sky!
I shared my sunglasses with Cliff. I don't think they look half bad. LOL

Here's the take for 40bucks. 12 eggs, 4 lemons, 1 garlic, 1 onion, 1 bag of spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus, green onions, broccoli, honey and a sweet little strawberry plant! Not sure the $$$ eggs will be a staple in our house and the honey will last a while so next week we should be able to get a few more pretty greens in exchange for our green.

Do you go to farmers markets?


Summer Says... said...

I love the Farmer's Market! I wish we had a bigger/better year-round version. Sadly, ours is more of a congregation of what would typically be a roadside stand from May through September. I love to go and buy fresh corn, peaches, blackberries, eggplant, etc. Yum!

Alissa said...

We don't have one close by (that I know of). Plus, I'm afraid I'm too cheap to spend the money to buy organic stuff (although I imagine I might feel differently if I saw a movie like the one you described.....but for now I am blissfully ignorant!).

Jennifer Moiles said...

I love the Farmer's Market....Bryan and I love to drive to San Francisco Saturday mornings for the Farmer's market at the Ferry Building. It is off the hook! You can have breakfast overlooking the Bay Bridge, have all kinds of samples, get fresh home ground flours, specialty cheeses, herbs, all kinds of interesting and beautiful produce, and sweets too! You & Cliff would have fun. Bring a cooler!

Kier's Serendipity said...

I want to go to more farmer's markets too. Hopefully, our city will have one every Saturday like they did last year. This year, I actually intend on going to it though.

I love that bag...you blogged about it before too!

mle jean said...

I love love farmer's markets. it is so gratifying and tastes so much better than super markets. and the people there are always so happy and friendly :)

after watching that movie, I have felt motivated to only shop at the f.m. too!

Mary said...

Food Inc is definitely a mind altering movie! I watched an old Oprah episode today about the subject again. I loved Michael Polin's (is that right?) take on how to decide what to buy at the store. My favorite: If your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it then it's probably not good for you. LOL

I desperately want to shop at the Farmer's Market. It's far away and I wouldn't know how to cook the stuff that I would buy. No excuses - I know! I am a work in progress. I envision me eating only farmer stuff and no processed food one day..that is a start, right? :-)

On a side note - you are such a silly guhl! Thanks for the VM! Love you!

Marizee said...

Yay sis!! Way to go! I'm going to adventure to ours this saturday. For now though I made the switch from HEB to Sprouts and have made the plunge to organics. It feels great! And its helped reboost my weight loss. Officially down 18 lbs since the new year!

Marizee said...

Oh, and about the sweater... when are you going to stop wearing clothes that cling to the widest part of your cute bod? I say that in the most loving way possible. Your waist has always been tiny and cute...remember what your little sis Kayla says...belt it! Remember how sexy and sassy you felt in that interview outfit? Channel that inner fashion diva. I now realize it is imperative we go shopping together on our next trip.

liveloveyoga said...

Farmer's market friday for me in Cupertino!