Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun, inspiring and beautiful details

From teensy tiny things that only cost a buck to meeting people online that you might have never met it is all about the details that add up to one beautiful life!


I've been loving these incense matches.
We found them at an adorable gift shop in Big Sur for only $1 each.


I met this girl out in blog land and aside from being beautiful herself she truly captures moments! I also love that she's a fellow curly girl and calls it "noodles on her head!" Seriously cute!
Aaand I am thinking a road trip to LA for a photo session is in order for this summer!

These images are so inspiring and beautiful to me and I love to see other women in the world following their heart to do work that makes them happy and full.


And this might be a touch random but I can't get enough Braggs lately. If you don't know about it you must get some! You can buy it at health food stores and Whole Foods. It's just like soy sauce only WAY better for you!


You can't beat love notes from blogland friends who will soon become real life face-to-face friends!
Thanks Violet, you totally made my day!


I couldn't have said it better myself... isn't this beautiful!
Found at Tuesday Mourning

We are going to see Alice In Wonderland today!
Happy Friday!

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Katie said...

Such beautiful photos, thank you for the inspiration! :)