Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good things!

Helloooo everyone!

Here's what's new and good in my world!


I am totally excited about my latest client for Health Coaching. You know who you are pretty girl ;) and I think you are fantastic! Thinking about you and this process makes me smile and feel so happy about the work I do. YOU are such a beauty and I can't wait to watch you grow in these next 6 months! SO EXCITED, thank you for choosing me!

I'm Lacey's crush this week! Blushing! Flattered! I think all Lacy's Lacey's Lace's are pretty fantastic don't you? Check out her blog, she's got the BEST sense of humor! I love everything she loves save caffeine, it makes me crazy! Side note we've been reading Edgar Allen Poe before bed and so I've been using "save" a lot, it makes me feel fancy!


My Aunt Mary and her hubby are going to China on vaca and I can't wait to hear all about it! I'm like 70% happy for them and 30% jealous. I hope they bring me back random coasters and menus and maps and papers to make things with!
Happy Travels you two!

Special thanks to Cliff's Mr. Pointer and Mrs. Middle Finger for playing Kelley and Aunt Mary.


The San Jose Airport is doing a major reno and this is the outside of the new parking garage! I love that they are making it an art piece instead of a cold gray eye sore! Up close it's actually a chain link fence with big white plugs everywhere to make the hands! SO COOL!

What's new and cool with you? Happy Hump Day!


Jamie said...

Haha! Your China picture made me laugh. Your posts always make me happy. Have a happy day!!!

Sara said...

Ha ha ha! I'm loving the finger models - fantastic!!

Marizee said...

Yay to Lacy the fabulous health coach! I feel healthier just thinking about you.

The Daily Dose said...

Looove your blog. Thanks to Lacey (inlove) for pointing me this way :) Going to hit the "follow" button right now!

Mary said...

Tell Cliff that his fingers look just like us! I am amazed at the resemblance.

Weee! We made it home but very, very, very tired. As you can see, my sleep habits are O-F-F. Ugh!