Monday, March 15, 2010


Good Morning!

I'm feeling chatty!

I am starting the week on a productive note with Monday morning tea and catching up on bookkeeping for health counseling and massage appts from last week. From here it's up to the studio to put the finishing touches on a lacylike journal and get her in the mail. I will most definitely post picts this week, it's so lovely!

Yogi tea is my fave, the little words of wisdom are always so well placed!

Daylight savings snuck up on me! I was reminded yesterday morning when I woke up and saw that my phone time was already updated, thank you technology!

Kayla and Brian called to brag that they got $4 eggs at the farmers market in Austin. No eggs for us this week... $15 bucks bought brussel sprouts, onion, spinach, asparagus, cucumber, oranges. I was totally amazed that there was a complete different selection this week compared to last! I am loving our new little routine but I am thinking that I might have to stop in at Whole Foods for a bell pepper because The Daily Dose has the yummiest looking recipe!

Yesterday we headed to our beach for a little recharge and it was THE perfect day! There's something about my feet touching sand that sends me right into play mode and everything gets better.

haha how many different ways can I take pictures on our road trips!?

We've gotten into the habit of stopping along the way at things that catch our eye. I was always one of those destination kind of girls but in the last few years I've changed into a journey girl and I'd never go back. This field was painted yellow with mustard and just beyond it is the first glimpses of ocean!

I have no idea what plant this is but I'm pretty sure it's the same plant that I caught the monarch butterfly on at Esalen.

This rock makes me sigh every time. I love this beach so much.

Every time we go there's something different about the landscape. This time there was a little "river" that we had to cross to get to our favorite spot. Mother Nature, you're amazing!
You can hardly see them but right near the water are tons of Snowy Plover. They have a protected nesting area on the beach.
It was sooo windy so Cliff headed down the beach to find something to make a wind break with. Success!

Every good shelter needs a flag!

Cliff says it felt like kicking off spring right!
It feels like peeling your cares away and looking forward to happy times!
Well said, honey!

Until next time beautiful beach. Thank you for your love and renewing my spirit.

What do you do to recharge? What brings you back to you and makes you feel like everything will be ok?

I hope that you have the best week ever!


E. Charlotte said...

Your pictures and talk of the beach make me yearn for the coast. I'm a Montana girl, and love my mountains, but I used to head to the West coast every summer for a dose of sea and sand. Nothing quite makes me smile like the ocean. Your day sounds like a perfect day to celebrate the changing seasons!

Kier's Serendipity said...

I love your photos and what you have to say. I need a serious re-charge right about now...but alas, no hope in site for that one!

Jennifer said...

I just love all your photos and your commentary but what really stands out to me the most is...your mug (the one for your tea)! I L-O-V-E the vibrant red.

Your question baffles me. What DO I do to recharge? Good question. I think I need to explore that one a little more, and I definitely need to make time to recharge.

Marizee said...

Sista!! Oh the precious, fabulous beach. I've already started daydreaming about how I will spend my beach days in Barcelona. I can't wait to share it with you. (Do you like how I'm already assuming you'll visit?)

I love your beach!! Brian and I had the best day when we went exploring and found it...I'm still impressed that we even found it!!

I recharged today with a 4 mile walk around Town Lake with a girlfriend I hadn't seen in a while. I started the day kind of blue for no good reason and after a beautiful walk in nature, I felt ready to go. I'm still working on finding a life that involves lots of sunshine, less time indoors, zero time at a desk (unless it's in a sunbathed room with my journal open atop it), daily swims in the ocean and nightly walks in the sand with Brian. Not too much to ask right?

Marizee said...

P.S. Find your Organic Moxie...

The Daily Dose said...

Thanks for linking me!!!! :) That beach looks beautiful. I can't wait for another good day of recharging. It's so necessary! Maybe after I'm done moving I can take a little beach trip, too. We get $4 yard eggs here too. If you can ever find the pale green shells, they're the best! Yummm