Friday, April 2, 2010

Port Townsend to Portland

A road trip through Twilight country... Funny story about that... when we met up with Ji he asked us if we went on the Twilight tour and my response was-- what are we going to see at Twilight and it's already dark out? And he said noooo in Forks, where they filmed the movie! ha.

Photo Credit for these 4: Leigh Standley

Stops along the way to get photos,

If you enlarge this one you might be able to see the little oyster farmer in his yellow slicker.
There was laughter, laughter, laughter, beef jerky road snacks, lots of rain and finally we made it to Portland and a very comfy hotel.

Where we confirm that We Love NOT Camping!

Breakfast at Everett Street Bistro where every thoughtful detail makes your mouth water and channels your inner designer.

Steel cut oats and panna cotta, pure creamy goodness! We also had a really scrumptious fruit salad topped with mint and coconut! A refreshing little delight I'll be trying at home this summer.

A visit to Cargo is a feast for the eyes and a do not miss if you are in Portland!
Everywhere you look there's a treasure to be found! This place is amazingly massive and I'd love to hear the stories about how some of the items are found! If only each little piece could whisper it's story!

The beautiful women of Cargo.

Leigh bought some cool bracelets to use as door knob hangers!

I went home with a hand to hold my jewels.

Happy Friday, Happy Easter everyone!

p.s. Tara posted about our class here.


Violet said...

OMGGGG! My inner fangirl is squealing with Forks delight! Jealous! If you see my Edward, tell him to come on home... I'm lonely. ;D

*clears throat* Um.
I'm so glad you love me even if I'm a schoolgirl nerd!

I'm also quite envious of your Portland trip! I've always wanted to go... maybe on our road trip this summer we can swing on up.. you know.. 'cause Portland is on the way to the East coast. ;)

I miss you, girl! I just want to be near your sweet curls and heart.

Thanks for sharing more of your lovely pictures!


Kier's Serendipity said...

One day, I'm going to make it to the Northwest. I have always wanted to go. It looks absolutely amazing!

Reyna said...

that looks like an awesome trip! love all the pictures! I love ur blog and followed.

Pass by mine and follow. Maybe?:)


Tammie said...

I need an Everett Street sign! (Bryce's middle name.) I would have asked a silly question about the Twilight tour also. (We have to wait until twilight?!? What gives?) That Cargo store looks like lots of fun! Lucky Lacy Lady!!

spindelmaker said...

Oh, we went to Cargo too! What a little piece of heaven! Now I´m thinking I might have to go to Japan...
and not camp!

Eigen said...

Last pic.
This signboard is a Japanese beverage advertising.
It means Nutrition and invigoration. hahaha

Alissa said...

Looks like fun! That breakfast looks completely delicious. I'm just now reading Twilight, and those pictures look just like the way the area is described in the book!

michelle allen said...

your pictures are great! makes me want to skip out on work today and head over to everett street bistro! love that place!!!