Thursday, April 29, 2010


My gf sent my a love box and in it was a cd with this song. I've been listening to it on repeat in my car over and over and over. It's just so sweet!

And my mamma sent me a love box with this rug that SHE MADE for me! Every time I walk past it I say out loud I LOVE THIS RUG! and I will hear Cliff from the other room say ME TOO!

This would have been so cute if it wasn't blurry! Ned loves it too.

Send someone some sweetness today!


Jamie said...

A love box. I love that. =)

Meghan said...

Both the song and the rug were fantastic! What a little thing can do to make your day :)

Tammie said...

The rug looks neat. How did she make it?

Miss Anne said...

i'm a huge fan of snail mail, suprise boxes, and lots of love sharing!

yay for your fun packages!

Quiet Violet said...

Ned loves the rug, too! How pretttty!

Love you.

Vic said...

That song is pretty darn nice if I do say so myself:) How lovely of them to send these things:) Cat's face is beyond CUTTTTTTTTTTEEEE:)

Leanne said...

I'm loving that song! and your cat definitely seems to appreciate the rug :)