Friday, April 16, 2010


I took Miss Anne's advice and went for a scooter ride, got some fro yo, scooter to the park and got lost with my camera. It was the perfect prescription and I feel so grateful to be able to just hop on my scooter and go when I need to.

I had plain ole vanilla no toppings but couldn't
resist holding my camera up over the plexi-glass to get a shot.

I didn't realize til I got home that I only took photos of white flowers. Plain vanilla and white flowers... can you tell I was needing simplicity.

I found the perfect tree to rest on and used my shoes
to prop up my camera and get these shots.

Thanks for sending me your love. Happy Friday!



Miss Anne said...

:) Sometimes I think I went into the wrong field (financial) and should have been a LIFE pharmacist... ha! :)

So glad that your day turned around and you were able to enjoy the rest of it!

:) You shine bright my friend!

Danielle said...

What beautiful shots! The last ones have given me a sense of calm on my busy Friday afternoon. Thank you for sharing!

Leigh-Ann said...

love the last photo! beautiful!!

Lydia said...

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Marizee said...

okay so i'm laughing thinking about that last beautiful serene photo of you lying on the tree branch probably involved you running from your camera after setting it to take the photo and flailing yourself up on the tree and trying to look relaxed right before the camera clicked? am i right? i love it! and my, my don't you look svelte mrs. young. ;)

Leanne said...

Love you photos! Beautiful.