Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Brother


Happy Birthday sweet brother! Your unapologetic enthusiasm for life, Mother Earth and all her gifts leave me in awe. I LOVE that you are living your bliss in Hawaii. Soak up every sweet second stepping into liquid and wriggling your toes in the sand. May this next year be full of new adventure, love and pure happiness!

Your biggest sis,

Good silliness with mom right before going to HPU


I am so proud of the man you are becoming. Such an accomplished artisan and environmental advocate. The world can learn so much from your energy, enthusiasm and youthful wisdom. I can not wait to see you arrive at your destination in life. Strong work so far. Love you very much and happy birthday.


From Cody's 16th birthday scrap made by yours truly :)


Meghan said...

Lacy! This one nearly made me cry! So sweet :)

Marizee said...

Yay to our fabulous baby brother...seeking the family dream of living on the beach...

Here's to you Codeman!!!

Cody said...


Thank you all so much. Even from 5,000 miles away you all have the ability to make me feel very loved and close at heart. I wish everyone of my family members was here with me today so we could go beach, maybe catch some waves :)

I cannot wait to see you all very soon.

Love you

Miss Anne said...

so sweet! happiest birthday little bro!

(i love my little bro to bits and pieces too!)

Windsor Grace said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love the scrapbooking pages! They're great.