Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's my name!

I got this idea from the lovely Christine at MiniMak.

Go out there and make your name!

All images are from We Heart It (pretty much one of the coolest places to get instant inspiration!)

Happy Tuesday!

p.s. BIG pet peeve:
When I am out in the world and see monogram stuff of course I always look for an 'L' and of course it always looks like a '1'. Not cool.


Christine (MiniMak) said...

Oh lovely!! These are so fun!

Twinky said...
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Mary said...

Cute name! Ugh! Did you get spammed again?

Off subject: I always get the urge to share my verification word and then define it. Today's is Yopho .. .LOL - I won't share my definition.

soveryvicki said...

So cute!! Thanks for stopping by the other day. I adore your blog--you are like a big ole burst of sunshine every day. I can absolutely feel your joi de vivre. Keep doing what you're doing!

soveryvicki said...

Oh, dear. I meant "joie" de vivre! : )

Kristin said...

Very fun! Thanks for sharing.