Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Sex in The City- NYC part 3 of 3.

LOL I couldn't resist.
It was true for me though I saw Sex and The City 2 posters everywhere!

When I was little mom taught me to take pictures with people in them so that you will remember yourself in that place and they are often more interesting and personal. I'm going through a very non - people in pictures time of documenting right now but I always make sure to get at least one of me in that place! Here you go, proof I was actually in NYC :)
Home base was the W Hotel in Union Square.

View from the room.

Rooftop party seen from the hotel. Anything with balloons looks like fun to me!
Molly in Union Square on our daily morning walk to Whole Foods for a smart breakfast and lunch to go.

I spent my fair share of time looking up and in the distance to see things like
the Empire State building!
We visited friends in Hell's Kitchen at their store called

Luisa and Nicki are amazing women dedicated to "improve the living conditions of depressed populations around the world by selling (and - in some cases - helping develop) commercially viable items they produce." Their store is full of thoughtful items that tell a story and would make any house a home.

The little store is full of magic! If you are ever in NYC you must pay a visit to Domvs!
This is a local artist/ photographer. Many of these photos were taking in the NYC subway. They are up close looks at walls with peeling paint, reflections of taxi's in water and people passing by. My description doesn't do them justice, they are supremely cool.
We visited ABC home.
Before going in Leigh gave me the scoop that pretty much went like this... You have to experience this store and we can't afford anything in it! Before we even entered the door I saw quite clearly that she was right on both accounts! If you can't read that the tag says $16,000

Here's the full view of that 16,000 beauty!

Once inside we founds stacks and stacks of pillow STARTING at $300.

And amazing chandeliers everywhere. So pretty!
A walk through the Farmers Market, naturally.

Yummy breakfast on the go here.

Super good noodles at Republic (and cool match books).

Aaaand my favorite people watching photo of the trip...

Thanks for joining me for the last installment of my first visit to NYC!
Lacy :)


Miss Anne said...

i am in love with that last pic. no doubt it was a great time with some amazing shopping :)

so glad you had fun

katy said...

Love it that you had such a great visit.

I once made the mistake of popping into ABC Home, looking for a rug. Uh, yeah. That didn't happen. :)

Summer Says... said...

I've gotta catch up! I left NYC the day you arrived and have barely posted pics to FB...Hoping to get that done this week though! I love your posts about the city - and I love that city!

Jamie said...

Oh, I loooove your pictures!!! What a fabulous adventure!!! xo

Tammie said...

You have a great eye! Thanks for sharing your visit with everyone. It brings back fun memories for me.

Kier's Serendipity said...

Fantastic pictures!

Molly said...

These are amazing Lacy. Beautiful capture of the city!

soveryvicki said...

Holy Moly!! I looove all the pictures of your New York adventure! My brothers, sister and I went in April and I simply fell in love with that city! And isn't the W fabulous??? I've stayed at the one in Chicago a couple of times and I always leave there feeling a little bit hipper than when I arrived. : ) Did you get a Bliss massage?

spindelmaker said...

Wow, you´ve really had a great time! You´ve captured the NY-feeling in so many of the photos.

Mary said...

I am going through a chandelier phase. I am fascinated by various light fixtures. Lovin' your chandelier picture!

Miss you already!