Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh what a difference a day makes!

Saturday I made deviled eggs for the first time ever. They are shockingly simple and oh so delicious. The parsley is from our garden which makes them even more special.

I wrote cards with Cliff's lines in prep for Clifftech's first video shoot that happened today. We are making two videos for the website :)

And Saturday night I took the red eye to NYC!

It's now Sunday night for me and I'm coming to you from the lobby of the W Hotel in NEW YORK CITY with literal red eyes, exhausted from a full day and little sleep but feeling charged to be living in the flow of my life. I'm here working the Curly Girl Design booth at the Stationary Show, meeting wonderful women and soaking up every sweet second of honking cabs and New Yorkers!

Culture shock, yes. Ear-to-ear grins with delight, naturally!

Tomorrow I think I'll hail a cab! Wheeeeee!

Here's to a new week, to adventure and living!


Jamie said...

Oh, what an adventure!!! I'm jealous! ;) Have an amazing time, tho I'm sure you already are!!!!! xo

Tammie said...

You know, we are pretty sure that Bryce was made in New York!

spindelmaker said...

You have a pretty awesome job! If you need a P.A, I can pack my toothbrush in three seconds to join you in NY! :-)
Best of luck, sell oodles!
And say hi to Leigh!

Meghan said...

Enjoy the hotel! My family and I stay at the W on most of our trips! have a fantastic time :)
Oh ad those deviled eggs look so good, very jealous!

Leigh-Ann said...

You'll be SO great at that booth!!!!!!!!!! Have fun, that place is a dreamworld! xo

niki said...

:] enjoy some of that new york for me!