Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A family that crafts together.

To celebrate Mema's 70th birthday we painted flower pots and filled them with plants that will love it at her house and added little stakes of cut out photos!

It was so much fun to spend time together creating!

my cousin, Derrick
Little sis, Kayla

My Mema!

Uncle Kelly. He was meticulous working on his pot, I loved seeing his focus and how he took his time over two days to make it just right!

Little bro, Cody. Brother-in-law, Brian. Cody's girl friend Meghan (who's adorable by the way).
Me, Cliff, Mom and Aunt Mary are not pictured creating but here's all our finished pots!

Aren't they pretty! I recommend family craft time!


About the girl: said...

What a great idea! This would be really cute for a classroom project.

Tammie said...

I got one painted by Bryce for Mother's Day & I love it!! It looks like so much fun to do too, Tell Mema HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Kier's Serendipity said...

Those are stinkin' awesome!

Miss Anne said...

clearly fun/gorgeous/talented traits run in the family.

what a fun project!

cocosparkle said...

What a fantastic idea, what a great way to bring the family together! I love how the pictures of them peek out from your family made garden for Mema!
She must love it!

Jamie said...

Those are so great!!! I love the pictures in all of them. Great idea! I bet she absolutely loved them all!!!