Friday, June 25, 2010

For the birds... again!

You remember how last Thursday was for For the Birds.

Well yesterday ended up being for the birds again!

The day started sweetly enough with Ned all tucked in. He was uncharacteristically the last one out of bed. What I didn't yet know was that he was getting up his strength for a full day of bird watching that turned to bird hunting! Arg.

The real irony is that while Cliff was feeding baby birds at his weekly volunteer shift at the wildlife shelter.
Ned was hunting baby birds.
And I was saving baby birds.

It was the life cycle in full bloom.

A nest fell out of a tree and Ned was picking them off one by one. Of course I didn't discover where they were coming from til he trailed in with the 3rd bird!
So by the end of the day there were 4 in the mouth of a Ned and I was able to save 2.

One I drove to my love at the shelter.

So I saved it and he is nursing it back to health. C'mon now that's some good team work!

The other I was able to put in the bushes, put Ned on house arrest and when I came back the birdie was gone so I am hoping he found his way home to his mamma.

Good things to know about baby birds:
*It's not a bad thing to see a small song bird on the ground this time of year. They spend a portion of their pre-flight weeks hopping around on the ground. They don't need to be "saved."

*If your kiddo (be it human or fur faced) brings one in the house and it appears to be wounded or sick take the bird to your local wildlife rescue in any container where air can readily get in. Don't attempt to feed or treat them, it increases their stress and they are less likely to recover.

*If the bird appears to be fine (and the threat is gone AKA the cat) you can return them to the bushes.

Hopefully you are just enjoying chirping birds and not a bird parade through your living room!



Quiet Violet said...

Naughty little Ned! I'm so glad that you saved some of the babies and that Cliff was able to help them. TOTAL teamwork!


Tammie said...

I am glad to hear that you were able to rescue half of the birdies! (And I agree, that is excellent teamwork, except for the part where Ned facilitated the need to be rescued;o)

Cate Levings said...

That is why I love you! You are just an amazing soul. Yay for teamwork. Missing you lovely lady...looking forward to seeing you soon:)