Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prepre to fall in love!

We have! Meet Iggy. He was one of my little sisters HS graduation gifts.


The little head tilt at 00:25 just melts me! He's such a cute dog!
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Weekend!
I wish that weekends always came in packages of three.



The Curious Pug said...

OMG it's a poog!! So cute :)

cocosparkle said...

Super cute!!!

katy said...

I seriously just died!!! You know I adore pugs. I had totally planned to get a black one because they are so stinkin' beautiful -- but when I met Amos and fell madly in love I knew he was the one. I hope she's prepared for lots and lots and lots of shedding -- but even more snuggling, kisses, and undying love.