Monday, June 21, 2010

Productive, Creative, Organized

We had a jammed weekend full of goodness and all weekend I kept thinking oooh I can't wait to blog this! So hello Monday and hello friends!

Friday: Trip to Ikea to purchase shelving to organize back closets at yoga studio. Oh what a difference a $15 shelf and a little investment in time can make!
I think this deserves a TA DA!

Saturday: Photograph Jen and Bryan at the Rose Garden.

They spent the morning at an Indian wedding ceremony and Jen wanted to take advantage of being all gussied up and get a few photos taken.

I was really touched that she asked me to do it! I had a lot of fun running around playing photographer, giving them silly directions and making them laugh.

Here are some of my faves.

I think their shadows look like super heroes!

This gentleman was doing his exercises and taking them very seriously. The rose print shorts at the rose garden was a nice touch on his part. I'm thinking I'll start a flickr photo set of people watching with gems like this one.

Meanwhile Cliff and our neighbor Buc were out cutting firewood for this winter.
We could have a fire every night for a year with all the wood they chopped! I rewarded Cliff with a massage to soothe his aching bod and it was a legit massage which means he really needed it. Manual labor is no joke!
Sunday: Put up molding to finish the walking tour at City Year.

This project started last year! It's been a long time in the making. What was once a big empty blank slate office is now branded and happy! It feels good to have this one under my belt.

Simple touches go a long way...
big logo outside, framed awards in the conference room and the hands up image on the glass. Profesh, right!

There are 8 of these throughout the building. They serve as a walking tour to tell people what City Year is/does! Cliff and I spent a few hours cutting and putting up the white molding around the outside of all the red squares to finish them off.

It was a good weekend! I feel like I got so much accomplished. Plus I worked on two customer albums that I'll finish up this week and show you.

Here's to a wonderful week ahead!


Quiet Violet said...

The word "profesh" made the whole post for me!

So glad you feel good about what you got done this weekend, my love.

And, we all know what "massage" is codeword for. ;D Tee hee hee!

Love you!
- V

diane said...


you have been a busy bee.

this is a beautiful picture of you which compelled me to write and say this:

you are so incredibly radiant!

oh, and i would really love to refresh our plan making and meet this summer...

soveryvicki said...

Woo-Wee! You look radiant in that last picture! I'm thinking working hard and accomplishing a ton in one weekend agrees with you! : )

Tara Ross Studios said...

I went to our Ikea this weekend too, to look for shelves for above my closet. I wasn't as successful. :(

LOVE the guy in the rose shorts in the ROSE garden! Too funny, made my day!


Vic said...

I always try to capture people doing odd things.....great one of the man exercising :)

Jamie said...

Um, a big "YES" to the flickr set of random people pics. ;)
WooHoo on mastering a to-do list! You are gorgeous!!! xoxo

Tammie said...

I wish I could talk myself into getting organized! It seems like such a good idea in theory....

Sara said...

Ohhhh, I love the rose garden! Jealous :)

Great organization - you're (dangerously) propagating my recent nesting itch!

jackiebean said...

hi lacy! thanks so much for stopping by my little 'ol blog.

looks like you had a busy weekend! love the photos of your friends in the rose garden, especially the one of them jumping. so cute!

take care. xoxo

Jennifer Moiles said...

Thank you so much for taking our pictures Lacy! We have some amazing photo's that will provide great memories and I'm going to have several of them framed. I shared a few on my facebook page today and they have gotten many compliments! xoxo

Mary said...

The "super-hero" picture - I actually seeing an angel standing next to a man worshipping...good perspective, huh?