Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Lately I've been observing Cliff a lot
the way he does things
the way they are just his way
the way I always want to tell him to do it my way
because my way is of course the best
but I don't
because he let's me do things my way so I should be as kind
be kind
giggle if you must
and you must
actually never stop giggling that is what makes life oh so fun.

I just watched him put together a package to mail.
It was painful for both of us.
Upon finishing we laughed so hard at each other
and he says "well that was a wicked googly."

Welcome to Wednesday friends! Welcome to Wednesday!

What or who do you catch yourself observing?


Vic said...

haha:) that would have to be my almost 6 year old...she's pretty funny!

Quiet Violet said...

I love watching Dustin draw. Especially when he uses his own hands as reference. It's like watching a bird fly!

Julie said...

I'm in the kid watcher boat, too.

That and my dogs. Dogs do the most interesting things!

I also love to watch people who are really good at/love their jobs work and talk about their work. There's nothing like observing someone in the midst of living their passion. That twinkle of excitement in their eyes as they excitedly explain their work is so infectious! You can't help but to get excited with them. :)

spindelmaker said...

Well honestly, I wish I was a much better observer and not so good at criticizing... My man and I have completely different logical senses. It´s though, I tell you! And just like you, I know best !

spindelmaker said...

You know I was being ironic at the end there, right?

Tammie said...

I had to watch James do the dishes when I had my neck surgery. That was painful. He did not put them in the dishwasher correctly. He did not seem to know what cabinets they belonged in. (I am pretty sure he really lives here.)

Mary said...

Goofball city over there! hehehehe

Lovin the super short hairdo, Cliffie Poo.

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing your observations. It was a great reminder when observing my own husband!