Friday, July 9, 2010


Mom has arrived and found us not guilty of being able to make the Singer Simple work!
There was a problem with the bobbin carriage. YAY Cliff and I are not total tards!

We are making pillows for the couch, covering a chair and I have a list of a half dozen other things to do if we have time!

Must away to play with mom and the sewing machine!


Mary said...

Well... you and Cliff might be a little tard-ish but I mean that in the most loving of ways. ;-)

Have fun with the mom and the Singer! Can't wait to see the outcomes of her weekend.

Tammie said...

Does that mean you had to exchange it?

Kristin said...

Happy Day! and Happy sewing. Thank goodness for moms, they are so amazing, how do they always know stuff?