Friday, August 20, 2010

For The Love of Lists: It's all good.

random-- stream of conscious thoughts right now of what's good - things I love - things that ran right to the front of my mind and asked to make the list.


movies that make me cry and then want to write about why-- like EAT PRAY LOVE, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, DEAD POETS SOCIETY, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

crushed ice-oooh I could go for a Route 44 water with lime right now (no Sonic in our area) and childhood memories of that little brown ice crusher that we'd plug in and attempt to make ice as good as Sonic or DQ


hour long phone calls with Mema or 5 minute ones...I cherish them all

horse back rides on Cliff through the living room

ned laying on my arm

cliff cuddling up to me in the morning and those 5 extra minutes in bed there after

open windows

fresh cut flowers

bubblegum blowing contests til my cheeks hurt

Singer Simple (mom I sewed today!)!

movie night

blue bell ice cream

men who open doors like it's a reflex and not a responsibility

people who make me feel good about being me (thank you, diane)


cool grass underfoot

magnolia tree blooms

my dad's crows feet

80's songs - girls just wanna have fun (the song AND the movie)--- "Let's flip for her!"

red wine and when the gnat chooses not to dive bomb into it

bare feet


the smell of bread baking-- I want a bread maker and by that I mean I want Kallie to come visit and make us some bread

the beach house that will one day be ours

my first book signing and picking out the markers for that day

my solo to Angel Eyes in HS and how that song still makes me feel today-- I am sure it was a crappy dance but it didn't matter it was movement from my soul

when a health coaching client tells me she's completely different and I can hear her pride

the way he looks when he's got a plan and I'm a part of it

sleeping in a twin bed with Kayla before she left for Spain the first time and how I wish we could have another sister weekend before she leaves for Spain for the second time


What came to your mind reading these? What's all good in your world today?
Wishing you a weekend full of adventure and all things good!



Summer Says... said...

You and Kayla both always danced beautifully and I remember that solo being no different.

spindelmaker said...

My first thought is that you should see "The fabulous Amelie from Montmartre". It´s my very favorite movie in all it´s quirky life-loving details, and I am sure you´ll like it too!
As I read on, second thought was. Wow! she wrote a book!? what? Where? And I had to scroll up to look on the sides to see if I had missed an advert, but I still couldn´t see anything. So question is: Have you written a book? And if yes, which book?

Quiet Violet said...

We have a magnolia tree in our backyard! SO pretty!

Tammie said...

There is a movie called 'Made in Heaven' with Tim Hutton and Kelly McGillis that I bet you would love. (I always have.)

Mary said...

Awwww...the "solo". I haven't thought about that in a long time. That thought just brought back beautiful memories. And, yes, I love the feeling that I get as well when I hear that song. I miss him!

Han said...

We did a stage performance of Steel Magnolia at Upper School and reduced the Deputy Head of the school and the Deputy Head of our year to tears. I've seen the film and that makes me well up. My Girl and The Notebook make me cry lol. I watched Hachi last week and cried too.

I am going to see my bff this evening for the first time since my birthday in April (I think I'm not sure I have a brain like a sieve this week lol. I'm going to a craft fair with my Mum tomorrow as well so I'm so excited about that as well