Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is beautiful.

I love her words. I love her voice. I love this video. So lovely.

I first saw this on my friend Mati's FB page and it's on her blog too. Check it out. She's incredible and I will be telling you all about that in the coming SF posts.

Click on the video to open full screen in You Tube (not sure why it's cutting off here).

Do something alone today. It's awesome.

Much love,


E. Charlotte said...

WOW! What an internet gem! I watched it twice so far and it makes me smile and reflect and be merry. Thank you for being the messenger! :)

Amanda said...

Amazing! So beautiful, so compelling. So, so lovely!! Thank you for sharing Lacy :)

Summer Says... said...

I am going to have to listen to this over and over as I make it my next to do list. Maybe if I can work up the courage to go dance at a club alone, I can muster enough braveness to attend a singles' Sunday school group.

Mary said...

Thanks, Lacy! I really enjoy this lovely lady's message and delivery. I am always so amazed at the creative people out there.

Good share!

kelli said...

beautiful! I love her voice and the fact that she wrote the music for her poem...oh I just loved the whole thing. Lovely!