Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Dalai Lama

has a facebook page. Go figure! Over 800 thousand people like his page. There's a sweet simplicity to the post I saw today that is undeniable no matter what your beliefs.

My true religion, my simple faith is in love and compassion. There is no need for complicated philosophy, doctrine, or dogma. Our own heart, our own mind, is the temple. The doctrine is compassion. Love for others and respect for their rights and dignity, no matter who or what they are - these are ultimately all we need.

Today, just love. It's so easy. Just love.

I L O V E Y O U.


spindelmaker said...

Isn´t it funny how it always seems the simplest things are the most difficult?

E. Charlotte said...

Oh that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'm quite excited, because the Dalai Lama is headed to Montana in 2011 to perform a ceremony for a new peace park here. :) It would be wonderful to hear him speak!

Mary said...

Ok..I'm going out on a limb on your blog. But, seriously, this is all that Jesus says in the Bible too. The word used most often in the Bible is ...get this...LOVE... go figure? So why try to pick it apart and find all of the underlying (interpreted) meaning..simply stated..God wants us to love.

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liveloveyoga said...

As Ziggy sings: Love is my Religion!