Friday, September 10, 2010

For The Love of Lists: 3 Little Changes

3 little changes round the house that are big on happy and small on effort!

1. Braided fabric, inspired by Martha.

In prep for my boudoir prints (That's right friends I am going to be completely self indulgent and hang my half naked self right over our bed) I changed out the curtains around the bed. I had some linen West Elm curtains with grommets so I braided fabric scraps from the living room makeover and used them to tie them to the bed. They are the perfect touch of yellow in our mostly grey and white bedroom.

2. I added a little nature over the couch.

My little brother has the biggest heart. When he was a wee one he found this little heart rock. I've had it for the longest time in a little box of mementos. Yesterday I was sitting at my computer working and remembered it. I have no idea what brought it to mind but I immediately went up to my studio and found the box and there is was! It's perfect for the little frame plus I got to use Japanese washi tape which I love!

3. I made a Lacy and Cliff poster for the clipboard wall. MY NAME IS OUR NAME!
Hello, how cool is that!

I love the little touches that make this house our home.
What is your fave special touch in your home?
I can't even believe it's Friday already! Have a wa-wa-wonderful weekend!
Love, lots of love,


Jamie said...

I'm in love with this post!!!! :)
I looooove that your name is YOUR name!!! Haha! That is way too cool!
Love the print you made of it! And the heart awesome!!! Love your little special touches around your home! :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo

Vic said...

i love everything about it!:) your very unique, clever and awesome! enjoy the weekend

Marizee said...

I love that your house is a work in progress. It's so fun to watch it grow up everytime I visit you.

Right now I love that my home represents all the change and adventure we're about to embark on. Annnd, I love that it's the "condo condo", a name so nice you have to say it twice.

Kelley said...

the braided fabric is so much fun!!
i am so in love with a frame my dad made me out of our families old produce box. it is so special and i love how it adds a lot of warmth to our home. it is the coolest thing.

Leigh-Ann said...

wow-- that's so cool that your names spell Lacy!! Love it!! :)

Tammie said...

That little rock is so sweet, and it looks perfect in it's frame nest. Your LACY poster is great too. After all when you get married what's yours is his too!