Friday, September 3, 2010

For The Love of Lists: Confirmed.

Details of this week that made a difference.

1. Candlelight is soothing and one of my favorite night time unwind rituals.

2. Our 1st strawberry looked better than it tasted (but I'm still completely proud of it).

3. Roses seem to bloom at the exact right moment. This one was in our back patio when we moved in, it's a survivor. I love that.

4. One day very soon we'll say it all began here...doing photo shoot after photo shoot on the concrete outside our house.

5. I have the best paper weight ever.
I hope that your weekend is full of details that will
encourage and inspire you.

Much love,


E. Charlotte said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Yay for noting the small things during a week that turn out to be big happy-makers. :)

I have a similar paper weight too...if only it didn't leave little grey fuzzies all over...

Tammie said...

That strawberry looked so perfect, you should have had it bronzed instead of eating it!!! :oD

Kelley said...

love all your photos-thank you for all your inspiration-i love your blog!!