Friday, September 17, 2010

For The Love of Lists: Left, right!

I'm a lefty!  I can remember my kindergarten teacher trying very hard to make me "right" handed.  Of course I rebelled into becoming exactly what I was meant to be (a theme in my life)!

So hello Friday afternoon and hello to 10 little left handed facts.

I take my long arm photos left-handed :)

1.  Any group that includes Charlemagne, Rock Hudson, Paul McCartney, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Jack the Ripper and the Boston Strangler must be select, if not elite. --James De Kay

2.  Lefties tend to have a better memory for music then right-handers.

Which would explain why I listen to the words in songs and Cliff hears the music before the lyrics.

3.  Intuits believe that all left-handed people are potential sorcerers.

I'm thinking seriously about brewing up a glass of red wine some time soon.  4 o'clock on a Friday, I call that well deserved magic not sorcery.

4.  One of the few things that favors lefties are tollbooths.

umm I happen to think it just favors that we drive on the left side of the road here but whatever.

5.  The Incas believes that left-handedness was a sign of luck.

I'll take luck, never hurts.  Thanks Incas!

6.  The word "sinister" is almost verbatim the Latin word for left-handed.

Eh, poe-tay-to, poe-tat-oo, toe-may-toe, toe-mat-toe.

7.  If both parents are right-handed, a mere 2 percent of their children will be left-handed. If both parents are left-handed, there is a 50 percent change that their children will be.

Both my parents are right handed and I'm the only lefty kiddo of the bunch.

8.  There was even a time in Japan when mere left-handedness in a wife was sufficient ground for expelling her.

ha!  Had I lived in Japan in that time left-handedness would have been the least of the reasons for expelling me!

9.  We wear our wedding bands on the third finger of the left hand because of a custom that dates back to the early Egyptian belief that the vein of love ran directly from the heart to the third finger on the left hand.

I like those Egyptians, they are romantic and hairless.  Such a great combo.

1 - 9.Taken from The Lefty Notebook.

10.  And this has nothing to do with handedness but I heard it the other day and it was an AH HA moment!  If a tear falls from the left eye first it means pain, from the right eye is happiness.  Now if only I could remember that right before the tears fall next time to confirm or deny.

I eat left handed : )

Are you a fellow left-hander in your right mind? 
Have a wonderful weekend!  Hopefully you can get into all kinds of expel worthy trouble, you know-- the really good kind!

Left handed love love love


Tammie said...

The program I went through in college to become a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant accepted only 40 of about 600 applicants per year, and 25% of my class (yep, 10 of us) were lefties!! That really suprised and fascinated our instructors. We are taking over the world!!!
(Did you find any odds on babies of 1 left & 1 right handed parent? I have one of each! Of course they are both boys though;oD)

katy said...

Justin is a righty who will only eat with his left hand. He finds it to be "streamlined." I'm a righty, and looks like James is shaping up that way. My brother is probably the only truly amidexterous person I know.

Summer Says... said...

I've heard that all Polar bears are left-handed and it's how they coined the phrase, "southpaw." That may be a total un-truth, but I love it anyway.

Katy said...

hysterical post. I am not a lefty, but you made it sound so cool I feel left out of the club! ;-) hahaha!

I also hear the words to a song and my husband hears the music first. interesting....

soveryvicki said...

Yay for left-handed goddesses!! We are a small, but mighty group! XO

Vic said...

This totally had me going! We are all right handed EXCEPT for my Little Miss. She's such an independent, know it all. There is something so unique and interesting about y'all. She does everything with her left hand just like you. We tried to get her to write with her right hand and she wouldn't even give it the time of day.

Her 1st grade teacher this year keeps marking her papers for me to sign because she writes her 3's and 9's backwards. You cannot break her, she just keeps doing them backwards.

She's gonna do what she wants, when she wants. Haha:) this is too funny! Lefty's are def. smarter!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Tammie said...

Tell Vic that when I was young I wrote backward, and right to left. I outgrew it, and graduated from college with a 3.47 GPA without ever learning how to study.

Danielle said...

Proud to be a lefty!

Kier's Serendipity said...

The husband is a lefty although he sure does a lot with his right hand!