Monday, September 13, 2010

From Norway with Love

Like most girls I love mail as long as it's not bills. My little sis Kayla always says that a colored envelope means fun mail. A package that says USA and is littered with cool stamps, knowing it came an extra long way to get to me, now that's fun mail!

A little box from Norway arrived from Janne, she's ridiculously talented! Look at her stunning work, a self portrait post card and one of her hand made, hand stitched girls!

I'm pouring over every intricate detail! It's so beautifully made! I met Janne this year at Artfest in Washington. She'll be teaching at the next Artfest creating bags with girlie girls like this one!
Thank you so much Janne! She's going in my studio in a place of honor and your post card is going into my latest mini book!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


spindelmaker said...

I´m so glad you like her! And I know you´ll take good care of her :-) It´s such a joy to make something for someone when it´s being appreciated.
Even though she´s all grown up, and quite sassy, I still haven´t given her a name, so when you´ve found her the perfect name, let me know, will you?
Thank you so much for all the wonderfully sweet things you compliment me with.
Have a nice day!

Tammie said...

That really is some fun mail! The lady makes me think of the 1920's or 1930's. It must take a lot of patience to make something like that.

Katy said...

i stumbled upon your blog through many clicks and i am loving it! definitely adding you to my inspiration bloggers!