Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remind yourself often

to surround yourself with people who believe in the beauty of your dreams.

For Kayla, psst love you too!

images from We Heart It

Short and sweet today. It's a full day of health coaching and catching up with the wonderful women who support my dreams by allowing me to support them in theirs.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!
Much love,


Marizee said...

Love you too, too!

I stumbled upon Cocktail last weekend, Labor Day maybe, and watched the second half. I missed our flugelbinder part but the rest was just as fabulous as I remembered! :)

Here's to our flugelbinder dreams!!!

JenCoen said...

Can I just tell you how I've fallen in love with yoga recently. Why have I never tried this before!! lol
Thank you for being an inspiration!