Thursday, September 9, 2010


resist the urge to be anyone but yourself.

Do it.
Be you.

You are perfect just the way you are!

photo creds: all from we heart it

xo, Lacy


E. Charlotte said...

Lovely! :) How empowering it feels to truly be yourself completely; to put it out there on center stage. Amazingly, when we do this, as scary as it seems, we always get a standing ovation. :)
If only people learned this earlier on!

babyluxdesign said...

i could totally be repeating myself here....BUT,

I'm VERY bummed your not going to be at Artfest this year!!!!


Cate Levings said...

As someone struggling to find myself, these are powerful words. Thank you Miss Lacy.

mindvstongue said...

Just what I needed.

Kelley said...

be you. find you. be happy with that.
i love this.
so simple but so empowering