Friday, October 29, 2010

For the Love of Lists: Kitchen Must Haves

Hi All!  Happy Friday!  I'm coming to you with a very exciting For the Love of Lists!  I asked Anika, my favorite holistic chef to give me her list of kitchen must haves for every home.  After reading through her list I was super proud that I have (and use) most of these things in my kitchen but it did leave me wanting for a shopping spree!


The ideal kitchen would have:

coconut oil
olive oil
grapeseed oil

Food processor
Blender (glass recommended)
Immersion blender

black pepper
garam masala
Himalayan sea salt
mustard seed
nutritional yeast

garlic, at all times
onions, at all times

at least one cast iron pan
wooden and stainless steel stirring spoons/spatulas
stainless steal pots and pans
small pan (cast iron or stainless steel for toasting seeds/nuts)
at least one stock pot

Cookie sheets
Measuring spoons
Measuring cup(s)
various sized mixing bowls
wire wisk
can opener (you'd be surprised)
strainer (one with big holes and one with VERY tiny holes)
good lighting, good vibes, and me =)

So how about you... what are you looking forward to adding to your kitchen?  If you have any questions on what something is for or how it would best be used leave it in the comments.  

Have a terrific weekend!

p.s. I just noticed that my Thursday post did not come through so look for a double post Friday!


Tammie said...

I have almost everything on the list!
The things I do not have and do not want are: coconut oil (allergic to coconut) and nutmeg (actually I have some, but it's old and probably needs to be tossed, I hate the way it tastes).
The things I need are: mega nutritional yeast (I have regular yeast), and Himalayan sea salt (I have Mediterranian)
I love my cast iron griddle, my steamer set, and my wok too!
(I have two each of the food processors and immersion blenders, but one of the immersion blenders can't be used on hot liquids.)

Mary said...

I am SOOOO glad you did this! I don't have everything on the list. I want to have everything and now I can put them on my "wants" list. (Some may be "needs") Thanks for keeping us on the right track!

mle jean said...

Oh great list!!
Do you know about enamel pots and pans?
I just found a pretty enamel pan today at a thrift store and I am baffled if they are functional or only decorative?

candice said...

I mainly just want some kind of spice containers that are child proof! Good grief do you know how many spices you go through when you have a two year old that dumps them out because they are "pretty colors"?! haha